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Palm, again

From shows up the new Palm PDAs to be released in 20 days from now. The Tungsten X lacks a microphone (default on all PPCs), and the Z22 lacks an IrDA port, a speaker, an SD slot and consequently a headphone jack. The TX seems fairly priced & featured but the Z22 could do so much more for only a few more dollars (for about $10 more).

Indeed, for $10, the Z22 would have been very, but very worthwhile for basic PDA functionality. I do want a speaker and an SD slot (the CPU is fast enough to play music/video), I do want a headphone jack and yes, I love IrDA (I have my Linux laptop sharing its internet connection via IrDA, it rocks). Palm is a lot like Apple, it seems: expensive stuff, but they cut on $2 details that matter. Like in the mac mini case: no mic jack, no line-in. And yet, it ships with Garageband. Go figure.

The beef Americans have with communism

Honestly, I don’t understand it. In the ’50s they would chase and inprison alleged communists. Well, if this is a real democratic country, why can’t it allow others to believe that another political or economical system might also be good, and allow them to at least have a political party so people can vote for? Western European countries allow this, and Communism in these countries are usually below 10%, so they don’t really pose any threat to anyone. They are never elected, thank God. But these parties do exist, because these people are exercising their freedom of opinion.

No, I am not a communist btw. My family FOUGHT the communists in the late-40s, when Greeks were in a civil war between right-wings and communists. I am a pretty liberal person myself, however I don’t mind a notch of socialism here and there, when it makes sense. But I am definetely not a communist, neither is anyone in my family (and I stress this fact to the suspicious FBI/NSA/CIA watchdogs that will read this overtime, undoubtly ;-).

However, I give communist people the benefit of the doubt, and let them be. I think Americans should do the same and open their minds and allow their political and economic systems to be more open minded to other ways, because it’s the only way for them to EVOLVE. Political systems also see evolution through time, usually towards the better. Americans should have this privilage as well (the privilage of evolution through the freedom of opinion that is).

NOTE: This blog comment was crafted in my mind and posted after reading this: non.fbi/index.html (remove the space in the word “lennon” to view the url correctly, slashdot adds such space automatically to my URLs)

UPDATE: A friend tells me that “Americans have that reaction against communists because they perceive that communism threatens their way of life – just like middle-eastern islamists react that way agains the US because they think that the US threatens their way of life.”

I can only say to this that I have lived among Communists in Greece (they account for about 8% of the population), and they are the same as anyone next door. They eat the same things, they learn the same things at school, and they are as fanatical for soccer as any other Greek. 😛

As long as these “communists” are not hardcore brats, I think everything is ok. The real problem starts when they are hardcore fanatical idiots who want blood and change everyone’s way of life in a day (think Greece in 1948). In that case, they belong to the jail, indeed. 😛

UPDATE 2: My JBQ was telling me that there is already a “US Communist Party”, so all is ok I guess. I think the problem I am seeing is mostly a “people” problem against some ideas, rather a government/law/freedom one.