Archive for September 21st, 2005

Stupid Palm

Pissed me off, this new Treo 700w, which runs on Windows Mobile 5. Palm is going to sell it with 240×240 resolution, which is NOT the native resolution of a Windows Mobile PPC (it requires 240×320 to be fully compatible). This means, that MANY games and even applications will NOT work with this Treo, and the ones that will, will have long, stupid scrollbars that normally don’t have!

Jesus, what is Palm thinking? They wanted to keep the same form factor that the PalmOS had, and they just hacked up a freaking Windows Mobile on top! Well, take a peep Palm, Windows is not PalmOS. It has different needs! Just like PalmOS’ apps would have trouble on 240×320 or 480×640, same way a number of Windows app will have *even bigger* trouble on 240×240, as it’s a smaller resolution of the one they usually run and were tested with. This is a huge inconvenience for the customers (having apps not working on their brand new shiny Treo while they do work on all other Windows Mobile devices). I hope Palm goes the way of the dodo. They really pissed me off today, they deserve the slack.

BTW, just yesterday Palm was sued over the bad quality of Treos, many software bugs. Well, except even more with the Treo 700w, that’s all I can say.

Best SciFi series this year

I watched all three new sci-fi series this season: Threshold, Surface and Invasion. I think I prefer Invasion and Surface so far, Threshold seems to be a bit stupid (zombie-style aliens, duh)… It’s a shame, as there are two Trek people involved in it (Braga and Spiner). At least my favorite actor, William Fichtner, is in Invasion playing the ‘creepy’ sherrif.

Camera review from my JBQ

My beloved husband wrote a review of a 2 MP Kodak camera. Amazing shots from a cheap $70 digicam.