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Authors sue Google over Google Print

I will have to take Google’s side on this one. This is the modern Internet times we are living at. *As long as* Google is not delivering the whole text to its users or partners (in other words is delivering only what’s allowed by Fair Use), then these authors are simply smocking crack. Google is working on their behalf, for free, and they don’t even understand that! Yes, Google needs to have the full text *on their servers* for indexing purposes, but as long as they don’t deliver the full thing in one go, they should be allowed to do what they are currently doing. Besides, it’s freaking impossible to get authorization from a gazillion authors out there. Some of them don’t even have a publishing house to represent them anymore!

the ‘Corpse Bride’ movie

How is it possible this movie be rated “PG”? I would never let my kids to watch this scary movie if they are younger than 13 years old…