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The best PDA in the world

And so Dell updated its extremely popular x50v with a new model, the x51v. It is a small upgrade over the x50v: 256 MBs of ROM instead of 128 MBs and Windows Mobile 5 instead of Windows 2003SE (helps saving 20-25% of battery because the OS does not power-up the RAM chips when in standby anymore — it does suspend-to-ROM each time you turn the PDA off). Reviews here, here, here and here.

For those who already have an x50v, there is no reason to upgrade really. Windows Mobile 5 is still young and buggy, although it brings quite some new features along. And Dell will offer the WM5 upgrade to x50v users for $40 anyway. And as for storage space, people who bought an x50v, surely they also bought a large-capacity SD or CF card as this is a highly multimedia-capable PDA and people who bought it knew that. So, there is little incentive to upgrade for us x50v users.

However, if you still run on old PPCs or Palm hardware, the x51v is the most powerful PDA to date. Even newer PDAs that were just announced (like the Acer ones) still can’t compete with the price and features of the x50/1v (namely its 16 MBs 3D card and 624Mhz XScale CPU). And HP only cares for PPC-phones atm, so I don’t see them trying to compete with Dell in the PDA-only market. The only real question is: is Dell going to release a PDA-phone too next year?


Just like the national Greek soccer team last year, this year the Greek basket national team on Eurobasket shows some great defense, but they are _terrible_ on putting points themselves. Aah, where are the days of Nick Gallis, the best Greek player of all times, and one of the best in Europe ever. In his time in the 80s and beginning of the 90s, the norm was to put 30-40 points in every game. His record was 62 points in a single game. After he stopped playing basketball around ’96, the Greeks have not being able to create a new player that is even close to being a team leader. The current national team has no leader, and they are terribly bad on putting the ball in the basket. They are kinda saved only because of their defense capabilities.