Archive for September 18th, 2005

Google, froogle…

I said in the past that people are now are seeing Google as an “evil company”, as it’s the next big superpower in tech (and people tend to hate superpowers, no matter what).

However, today I find myself hating Google for one thing: they have banned CNet from their press conferences and press relationships. Honestly, I find this ridiculous, is the BIGGEST tech online news outlet, and if Google had a problem with their articles, they should have tried to talk to them and figure the problem out, instead of following the tactic of “I am not going to play with you anymore because you told my mom I kissed my classmate Jerry”.

The seasonale pill

I just saw on an ad about the “seasonale” pill, which allows you to only have 4 periods per year. Honestly, as long as you are not an professional athlete where you have to schedule your periods precisely, I see no reason why a normal person would get that and put its health to danger.

In fact, I don’t see the point of having the normal pill either. I have never taken the pill, neither I ever will. It can be pretty dangerous (especially for me that I don’t really do much exercising and so blood clots or heart attacks are more likely to happen), but I understand that it can help a lot as a contraception method.