Archive for September 15th, 2005

Arch Linux moving too slowly

While I don’t use Linux as much as I used to anymore (OSX has taken its place as my No2 OS in overall usage time), Arch Linux remains my choice of distribution for several reasons that I won’t outline here.

However, I am sad to see that development and update of the OS and the packages is now very slow. Very few new packages make it on the -Current, many packages are never updated, many maintainers left or are inactive, and no new major developments are happening (e.g. trying to make the gnome-tools to work, or port some other services etc).

No, the project is not dead, but it’s good as dead if it won’t pick up some pace, like the pace it had at the beginning of the year. A shame really, because my second choice is the somewhat similar Slackware (in philosophy and speed), which is even worse than Arch in the respect of ‘going forward’. I am left with no favorite distro (no, I don’t quite like any debian-based system, or any RPM-based, or any source-based — and the rest distros don’t really matter, they are too insignificant or with too few packages in their repos). :-/