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Calorie-based diet Vs Atkins diet

It seems that every decade features a different diet “in fashion”. This decade is the decade of the Atkins diet. Which I oppose 100%. As a diet, it *does* work, but it is extremely unhealthy IMHO. I tried it for 2 weeks last year and after a week though it I wanted to throw up just by looking at the meat in my plate. This diet works by making you sick of protein by allowing you to eat as much as you want of it and by removing “healthy” food like most vegetables.

The best diet for quick results is the classic one: cut your normal daily calories in half, and exercise. Simply cut the fat in your food (don’t fry stuff for example), but eat ALL KINDS of food, as you normally would.

For my age and height the normal amount of calories per day I need to eat is about 1400 (differs from people to people). For my diet I am down at 700 per day or so. And it goes well. And I don’t starve because I know what to eat to fill up my stomach without consuming too many calories (e.g. turkey breast, shrimp and shellfish, almost all vegetables (except avocado and beans with care), small amounts of rice & potatoes and even smaller amounts of pasta (30 grams dry)).

While 700-800 cals per day is below what a dietician would recommend, it is still bogs healthier than the Atkins diet when you know what to eat and how.

GPRS is freaking expensive

Cingular charges 1c per KB which is equal to $10 per 1 MB. I used GPRS a few times to test osnews with my phones’ browsers, but I won’t be doing it again until the prices have gone down to $1 per MB.

Cingular, are you listening?