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End of the “Job for life” for Greece

The political party that currently governs Greece, ‘New Democracy’, at last did the right thing on an issue that has’destroyed’ Greece’s evolution the last 80 years: new public servants hired from now on can now be sacked! Before, this was not possible. Only if the public servant was doing something truly illegal he/she could be sacked. This is why most Greeks they even sell their asses to become public servants: lots of money (comparatively to private job payments) and the ease of knowing that no one can sack them.

New Democracy seems to be doing some really good things for Greece as a whole, however these good things probably will cost them the next elections. People don’t want to get taxed as much they do currently and not having an ease of mind.

Diet recipe: Seafood with linguine pasta & Alfredo-like sauce

This yummy dish is great for those on low calorie diets. It only has 200 calories.

Ingredients (for 1)
* 27 grams of linguine pasta (100 calories)
* 85 grams of frozen cooked small shrimp (60 cals)
* 4 small mushrooms, chopped (~25 cals)
* some salt (0 cals)
* half teaspoon Kraft fat free spread cheese (8 cals)
* a tiny bit of fat free milk (7 cals)

Fill half a pan with water and boil it. Then, place all ingredients in it except the cheese and milk. After 5 minutes, strain them on a strainer. Place the cheese and milk in the hot pan and stir until they are one mass (like a sauce). Add the rest of the food from the strainer and stir well until it’s all covered with the sauce. Serve immediately.

Tip: Instead of shrimp, you can use 60 grams of chopped “Farmer John’s Smoked Ham” (found at Safeway).

Access acquires PalmSource

And so Access did the mistake of acquiring Palmsource. Kudos to the Palmsource guys for selling their company and cashing in. Too bad for Access, they will lose valuable time and resources trying to integrate PalmSource and their services to their company.

Of course, this is good news for my husband’s company. While it’s bad to see our friends at Palmsource being on a limbo, seeing Access being busy with things that they should not be is only good news for its biggest competitor: Openwave.

Got a Sony Ericsson K700i for my JBQ

I received a SonyEricsson K700i this morning, will write a review next week. Then my JBQ will be using it as his cellphone, to replace his old SonyEricsson T310. I am almost jealous, as the K700i is a much better phone than my Motorola e398 (which is the same phone as the iTunes ROKKR phone). It has a much-much better UI, it’s faster, it can record video. It’s only missing a [memorystick] card slot.