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US TV stupidity, once again

Actor William Fichtner was telling me a few months ago how he rested much of his career’s hopes over ABC’s ‘Invasion’ TV series that is schedule to premier on 21st of September. He had big hopes for the series, that much was obvious if I was to judge from the enthusiasm in his voice when he was talking about Invasion.

And now ABC has REMOVED all promos/trailers of the series from both their TV channel and their web site. The reason? The Katrina Hurricane. You see, ‘Invasion’ is a sci-fi series that describes the adventures of a small town hit by hurricanes all too often, apparently a local weather phenomenon created by aliens who want to take over the land (and consequently Earth) by using natural disasters as a cover up.

Now, it’s good to see ABC being “sensitive” about the current human condition in South-East USA, but I think ultimately this was a wrong move on their part. First of all, we are talking about a natural disaster, it can happen at any time, and there is not much we can do about it. So why censor the show, which was shot many months ago (and hence have nothing to do with Katrina) and have all the hundreds who worked for the show on the verge of losing their jobs? This makes things even worse for a few more hundred people in addition to many thousands in New Orleans and elsewhere!

I would understand ABC’s decisions more if the show was about a terrorism act just weeks after a similar real terrorism act took place. But we are talking here about a natural disaster which is a random occurance. Maybe some TV viewers won’t understand that ‘Invasion’ was shot months ago and instead they might perceive it as ABC’s “cheap shot” to people’s current misfortunes, and ABC might want to avoid bad publicity and maybe even lawsuits. But the point remains, these TV viewers would need to get a grip and get all the facts before pointing a finger at ABC and ABC itself needs to overcome this cultural problem here in USA and be more firm in its schedule.

Back in U.S.

I finally made it back to US after a 20 hour trip. I almost missed my connection to Munich in Athens because the luggage came out almost 40 minutes late after the Ioannina plane arrived to the Athens airport.