Archive for August 13th, 2005

New phone accounts

And so we got our first US cellphone accounts today, using Cingular’s Pay-As-You-Go system. Before that, I only used my greek cellphone number and was roaming internationally…

I used Cingular’s GPRS with my Nokia 3300 phone and and load very nicely in its 128×128 screen, but’s cHTML mobile version (28 KBs with images included) runs out of allowed memory (“site too big”). Users who get this error message with the cHTML mobile version of osnews, they should try this: (this is an even lighter mobile page I created for Japan’s Jphone that have a 12KB limit per web page.)

Anyways, I will also try with my Motorola e398 again when I am back from Greece (I am leaving on Monday for my brother’s wedding). I am sure the Motorola has more RAM allowance for its browser as it’s a ‘high-end feature-phone’, while my Nokia is a pretty low-end Series40 one (it happens to have an mp3 player, an FM radio and MMC slot but other than that it is a very low-end phone).