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Best PDA buy right now

I had a look at the current prices/models for all PalmOS/PPC/Zaurus PDAs and compared them. The best PDA one can buy today in USA (new or refurbished and considering both power/features & price) is the Dell Axim X3i from Compuvest for $235 (brand new). This is a “bang for the buck” comparison, not a list of the most powerful PDAs.

The PDA sports a 400 Mhz CPU, 64MB RAM, 64MB storage ROM, QVGA TFT, microphone, IrDA, headphone jack+speaker, SD/SDIO slot and WiFi (the British version of the model had Bluetooth too but Dell removed it from the revisions shipped on the rest of the world). It comes with a cradle and a case with a belt clip. For $235 this is a steal.

Second best PDA would be the HP iPAQ rx3115, selling for about $235 online. It is similar to the one above, but it does have Bluetooth, but only 4 MBs of storage ROM (instead of the Axim’s 64 MBs) and it’s 300 Mhz instead of 400. It doesn’t come with a cradle but it does come with a case. This model is optimized for multimedia, mostly for audio (the Dell Axim above would probably fare better in video performance though).

Third best PDA buy would be the Palm Tungsten E2 for $198. It is 200 Mhz and it does not have a microphone or bags of RAM (just 32 MB, 26 available to the user), but it has a nice HiRes screen (320×320) and the latest PalmOS 5 in it, along with Bluetooth and an SD slot. If you are a Palm business guy, the TE|2 is your best Palm buy today.