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My brother’s wedding

And so the wedding took place… About 500-600 people attended the ceremony and celebration that took place up to 4 AM. Kathreen was a fantastic bride, very good looking and smiley. We all line-danced and my brother was soaked wet in sweat soon enough.

My biggest problem was my high heels that really hurt my feet inside the church. And so I took them off later and wore a $5 sandals so I could dance. 😉


As I have foreseen many times through my blog, it’s now Google’s turn to be the villain and evil empire ( l ). It was IBM in the 80s, Microsoft in the 90s and Google in the 00s. People need their villain (just like they need their village idiot), they can’t see past their own nose and their prejudices…

On other news, we are preparing for my brother’s wedding. Thursday night we will be having a dinner party at home for 120 of our relatives and friends. We are preparing spinach-pie, pasta-pie, cheesepie, salads, tzatziki, goat with rice and roasted sheep with home-made fries. And on Saturday, right after the wedding we will be having the combined dinner party with 600 guests and live music. Yes, this is how a real Greek wedding is done. 😉

Oh, btw, I saw that stupid journalist woman on TV the other day, Liana Kanelli. She is also a politician with the communist party. Well, I can’t stand her. I remember seeing her in the UK TV in 1999 being a guest to talk about the Serb war and she was shouting like a freaking idiot and made me be ASHAMED for being Greek. She was not letting anyone to finish a sentence… And the other day on the Greek TV she was doing the same thing, but even worse, she was fucking SMOKING on the live TV on the morning program. Now, visualize that Larry King or Jay Leno or Oprah would not only start shouting to their guests, but they would smoke live on TV like they were in their own home or in a fucking night club.

God, that woman, Liana Kanelli, really makes me ashamed for being Greek, I mean it. I thought I didn’t like the like-hen-intelligent Paris Hilton, but Kanelli is much worse, as she is very aware of the crap she is doing.

In Greece

I have a good time here in Greece, preparing for my brother’s wedding. I spent 2 days in Athens waiting the US Consulate to issue a new visa on my new passport and then we headed for Ipeiros, my home. Last night we even went to the village I grew up, high up in the mountains of Souli, it was nice to see most of the people there. We went there for another wedding and after that we were invited to their dinner party too.

It was not a surprise to see there (my first time) Katerina Thanou, the controversial Olympic winner 100m sprinter, as she is first cousin with the groom. She was line-dancing with the rest of the people. I took a few pictures of her but my Motorola camera-phone doesn’t want to pair with my brother’s computer for some reason and so I can’t upload the pic online.

I was looking at her legs while she was dancing. No, I am not a lesbian (on the contrary, I love men ;), it’s just that I wanted to see if she was muscular in the legs while she was dancing fast and her legs were on stress. And guess what boys, she is not muscular! A pretty weird site for an 100m champion.

Other than that, I came back from the wedding party sick for some reason. I threw up and all and I nearly faded, but hopefully I will be ok later today, ’cause I need to go to a baptism too…

Update: I was not feeling well enough and so I missed the baptism… Too bad, as I have not seen that cousin of mine for 10 years now or so (hopefully I will be able to see them in my brother’s wedding next week). On the gossiping side, I learned that Thanou’s husband left her a few months after the doping scandal. Didn’t know that before, but it seems the rest around here do. 😉

Going to Greece

I am flying in a few hours to Greece for my brother’s wedding. I will be travelling alone as JBQ will stay in US, and this stresses me a bit. While in Greece I won’t be having regular internet access (I won’t be taking my laptop with me because I already have lots of other crap to carry over). I will be back in September.

New phone accounts

And so we got our first US cellphone accounts today, using Cingular’s Pay-As-You-Go system. Before that, I only used my greek cellphone number and was roaming internationally…

I used Cingular’s GPRS with my Nokia 3300 phone and and load very nicely in its 128×128 screen, but’s cHTML mobile version (28 KBs with images included) runs out of allowed memory (“site too big”). Users who get this error message with the cHTML mobile version of osnews, they should try this: (this is an even lighter mobile page I created for Japan’s Jphone that have a 12KB limit per web page.)

Anyways, I will also try with my Motorola e398 again when I am back from Greece (I am leaving on Monday for my brother’s wedding). I am sure the Motorola has more RAM allowance for its browser as it’s a ‘high-end feature-phone’, while my Nokia is a pretty low-end Series40 one (it happens to have an mp3 player, an FM radio and MMC slot but other than that it is a very low-end phone).

The DXG-305v multi-purpose media device

And so I bought a new camera for my little brother, as a present (I actually got lots of presents for him :). It arrived today and I tested it for a while to make sure it works before I take it with me in Greece to give it to him (and kiss the warranty goodbye ;).

The camera is the extremely small DXG-305v 2048×1536 digicam that can also do video (QVGA at 30fps or VGA at 15 fps, records in mp4 .asf format, NTSC/PAL out). It also is a web cam, a voice recorder, an SD reader and… an mp3 player.

Here are some samples: picture 1, picture 2, a QVGA video (1.2 MB) and a
VGA video on low-light (500 KB).

The pictures are pretty good and they can utilize the flash when in low-light conditions, but the video can’t and so in the VGA video above you might think that it was night when I was recording this, while it was 3 PM in the afternoon. The other two problems is that the flash is in a bad position and so your fingers are all over it and it doesn’t have a tripod slot.

Other than that, it’s a great little multi-purpose device and it works well. And there was one very surprising tidbit: ALL online material, docs and box say that this model comes with 16 MBs of internal storage, but it seems that the company has upgraded the camera without updating their docs/boxes. The newly manufactured units come with 32 MBs of internal memory! 🙂

Oh, and funny thing, this is the SAME model Creative markets as “divicam 316” to the Asian and European markets.

Best PDA buy right now

I had a look at the current prices/models for all PalmOS/PPC/Zaurus PDAs and compared them. The best PDA one can buy today in USA (new or refurbished and considering both power/features & price) is the Dell Axim X3i from Compuvest for $235 (brand new). This is a “bang for the buck” comparison, not a list of the most powerful PDAs.

The PDA sports a 400 Mhz CPU, 64MB RAM, 64MB storage ROM, QVGA TFT, microphone, IrDA, headphone jack+speaker, SD/SDIO slot and WiFi (the British version of the model had Bluetooth too but Dell removed it from the revisions shipped on the rest of the world). It comes with a cradle and a case with a belt clip. For $235 this is a steal.

Second best PDA would be the HP iPAQ rx3115, selling for about $235 online. It is similar to the one above, but it does have Bluetooth, but only 4 MBs of storage ROM (instead of the Axim’s 64 MBs) and it’s 300 Mhz instead of 400. It doesn’t come with a cradle but it does come with a case. This model is optimized for multimedia, mostly for audio (the Dell Axim above would probably fare better in video performance though).

Third best PDA buy would be the Palm Tungsten E2 for $198. It is 200 Mhz and it does not have a microphone or bags of RAM (just 32 MB, 26 available to the user), but it has a nice HiRes screen (320×320) and the latest PalmOS 5 in it, along with Bluetooth and an SD slot. If you are a Palm business guy, the TE|2 is your best Palm buy today.

Google Instant Messenger is Real

Rumors are around about Google’s IM solution, that is based on Jabber. I can only say that I can confirm the rumor. You hear lots of things here in the Silicon Valley just by walking to the grocery store. (wink, wink 😉

Anti-MS Group Aims to Block Vista

A public interest lawyer who is also intending to run as a Republican in the 2006 Illinois gubernatorial race is taking his fight to Microsoft in hopes of preventing the company from releasing what he calls “bad code.”

Andy Martin of ‘The Committee to Fight Microsoft’ on Tuesday announced his intentions to block Microsoft from releasing its Windows Vista operating system. Martin intends to ask Microsoft for an unconditional warranty that the operating system is free of bugs that could result in security vulnerabilities.”

What idiotic people. So, this guy has actually seen this “bad code”? Does he have access to the source? And did he actually check how many security bugs GNU/Linux also has through not just the kernel and but the apps that are installed by default on major distros? They are not fewer than the Windows holes discovered 4-5 times a month.

I’ve said it many times: writing bug-free software is very-very expensive. It’s so expensive that except nuclear programs and NASA, no one else can afford it. Windows (and Linux distros) have a huge amount of code in them. Going through ALL that code, will be so expensive that would drive out of the business Microsoft and all Linux distros combined. That, OR, these OSes must be sold for $50,000 for each copy to pay for the time spent cleaning up the code from bugs. Plus, it would make the release of the software years late.

If Mr Andy Martin can afford to pay that amount of money for a desktop OS that most of us use to just browse the internet, good for him. Cause I can’t pay $50,000 for it.

When Chinese try to write English

This is a part of the pullover my mother bought for me in Christmas. She bought it from a chinese shop. 😉