Belkin BT CF card == bad luck

Damn you Belkin for never updating your BT CF drivers to work on PPC2003. I had to hard-reset my PDA today and lose all my data because of that fucked up F8T020 driver they have.

The facts:
1. If you have an X5 with PPC2002, buy the card, it will work.
2. If you have PPC2003, the card won’t really work:

  a. The belkin drivers crap-up the system. I had to hard-reset today. 🙁

  b. The Dell Truemobile 300 CF drivers WORK, but the Dell Bluetooth Manager does NOT work (it thinks that BT is OFF, even when it’s ON). Only BASIC functionality works without the Bluetooth Manager (e.g. pairing a device).

  c. There is a hack to use’s drivers, which was the ODM company for both Belkin and Dell. And then, by importing special registry data, you could make the Com1 driver work with a Bluetooth Manager using the Belkin CF card. Bad luck for us, the french Com1 company went busted! Their drivers are not available for download anymore.

1. If you have a Zaurus or a PPC2000-2002 PDA, buy that Belkin card. It will work.
2. If you have anything else, don’t.

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