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food and religions

Yesterday we went to a Chinese store to buy some stuff (we bought a chocolate fondue among other things).

While JBQ was at the counter paying, I was wandering around the aisle, near the exit door. And something just was smelling BAD. I looked around and I saw a small shrine on the floor with two Gods in there and a plate with lots of food in it.

And the FLIES were all over it and it was SMELLING like shit.

Now, I don’t care what people do in their homes and how they choose to love their Gods (they are free to do it any way they want to), but when I go to a freaking shop (down-town San Mateo no less), I expect some sort of a *clean environment*.

While I find NICE these shrines (they are beautiful after all), I don’t find nice at all the SMELL, the FLIES and the serving of real food to some (fat) doll representations of Gods who aren’t gonna eat it anyway. It’s like that Greek tradition to pour oil or food in the tombs of the dead. In my mind it’s stupid and unhealthy.

Having said all that, I am now going to clean up my kitchen and start the dish washer. 😉

To the Blind, Zealous Idiotic people

This shows how objective people are. Not at all, that is.

1-2 years ago people were going crazy over Palladium and they were cursing at Microsoft. Now, Apple is the FIRST to use such an implementation, not Microsoft.

I can only laugh at the face of all these people. I don’t laugh on the actual technology, which exists because there is a NEED for it. I laugh at the people who don’t understand that need, and instead they create conspiracy theories. And it was mostly the Apple zealots and the Linux zealots who were creating all these comments back then. Now, the Apple zealots will shut the hell up, because their beloved Apple uses the technology. Hah!

dangerous sports

I don’t understand people who put their lives in danger by engaging themselves in very dangerous sports. Don’t these people have parents or wives? By doing these things they disrespect their loved ones. Maybe they don’t care enough for their own lives, but they should care for that mother who gave a painful birth to them and carried them for 9 months.

But there is a good word for all this: “irresponsibility”. No, it’s not “freedom”. From the moment you were born inside a society and you were nurtured by it, there is no such thing as unconditional “freedom”.

Debris Seen Hitting Discovery Shuttle During Launch

NASA said it’s impossible to eliminate falling launch debris.

How about change a bit the dynamics? Just look how close the Shuttle is to the bottom of the rockets that create the debris.

EVEN before Columbia blew up I had thought, YEARS AGO: “Jesus, isn’t that shuttle too close to the flames down below?” If the Shuttle was mounted a bit higher to the rockets, the debris hitting the shuttle would be much fewer IMHO.

Victim’s family: Police must pay

The family of a Brazilian man shot dead by armed police officers at a London subway station say they are considering legal action. British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw was due to meet his Brazilian counterpart Celso Amorim — in London for a scheduled United Nations conference — on Monday to apologize for the incident.”

Sorry, but that’s shit. “Apologizing” for the incident? Who cares about apologizing? How about paying PENSION FOR LIFE to the victim’s family? Now THAT would be something USEFUL to the family, this would be something that COUNTS.

‘The Village’ movie

I saw “The Village” this afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Some people didn’t get its fully allegoric nature for some reason, they didn’t even get the plot as it is either. Hmm…


So, I did three tooth fillings today. Nothing important. But I also have a crown to put (on a root canal I did 19 years ago 🙂 and an extraction of my wisdom tooth. I am trying to avoid the extraction… In fact, I tried to make an offer to my dentist to save my tooth without having to extract it, an offer that he should not have refused, but he did. Bummer. 😛

New passport

Got a new passport today. My old passport was expiring in March 2006, but because the I94 paper you get when you enter US is tied to the date of your passport (whichever expires first) I had to get a new passport so the I94 will be valid until the next time I exit US. If the Greek consulate had not given me a new passport (to *update* a current passport they require it to be expiring within 3 months), I would have needed to exit the US borders in March (preferably towards Canada) and then re-enter US… 10 minutes later (and hence receive a new I94 binded to the new passport that I would have by then). It’s a pain in the ass (and costly), but that’s the law. Thankfully, the Greek consulate issued a new passport for me so when I re-enter US after my vacations in Greece that I am planning to take in August, the I94 will be valid until the next time I exit US, whenever this might be (in the next 5 years or within 90 days of a possible expiration of my non-tourist visa).

Easy to understand, huh? 🙂

James Doohan Dies At 85

What a sad day. The second actor from the original Star Trek died, the always beloved Scotty. 🙁

I grew up with Star Trek. Part of what I am has been shaped by Star Trek (for better or worse) and so such news make me really sad.

a mobile phone

I am getting a mobile phone today. I already have an old SonyEricsson T310 (or something) that I never really use. So, this time I am getting Nokia’s 3300 mp3 music phone which has a keyboard for better messaging. The only thing that bothers me with this phone is that it doesn’t have any means of local communications, meaning IrDA or Bluetooth (to use with my PDAs).

Update: Fuck! I lost my SonyEricsson phone! I know it’s somewhere in the house, OFF, but I can’t remember where I left it. I needed its SIM to test the new Nokia phone that arrived an hour ago. 🙁

Update 2: Found it. It was in a plastic bag. 😛