Archive for June 29th, 2005

I am getting a Zaurus

Yeah baby! 🙂

I am getting the Sharp Zaurus SL-5500! have a super-special price on it, at just $140. When this PDA first-released cost between $500 USD and 600 Euros.

The PDA comes with the Sharp ROM, but I will soon be upgrading it to the OpenZaurus with QPE and GPE. The good thing if you move to OpenZaurus is the fact that it has new apps and capabilities, e.g. support for more BT, WiFi CF cards, DivX support, gaim, but no good web browser etc. But if you stay with the Sharp ROM you get Opera (or Netfront), a full office suite and other apps that were tested well by Sharp.

If you are a Linux or unix lover and you live in US, you might want to consider getting one too. We tried getting one off eBay a few weeks ago and prices were crazy! At the last 2 minutes auction prices would go well above $200 for that model!