Archive for June 28th, 2005


So, we bought a second Airlink101 antenna today at Frys (we were passing by in the area coming back from our visit to our lawyers’ offices in Santa Clara), I think signal performance got better, but not extraordinarily better.

Also, I bought a really nice laptop bag for $10, a Class 1 BT 1.2 dongle for $15, a hard case for my iPod Mini for $5, 3 styli for $2 and two 1440 mAh batteries for my Axim X5 (at $5.50 each, a super bargain) and a laptop-flexible usb webcam for $8.

All these are from, they have clearance specials for 28/29th of June 2005. If you are in US and you read this in time, I suggest you hurry up and check out, they have some super deals this time around!