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The Airlink101 WiFi antenna adventures

We went to Frys today and they had an extra special price on this WiFi antenna, just for $6.50:
It makes normal wifi router signal cover twice as much space!

I was all happy when I came home with it only to find out that our Linksys wifi router in our closet has two antennas, not one. After reading the airlink101 manual, it says that IF your router has TWO antennas you need TWO Airlkink101 antenna products. If you use one Airlink101 antenna and one standard router antenna the Airlink101 degrades its performance on purpose in order to work with the second antenna! (they have to work together)

So basically, the antenna we bought today, was useless. I need either a new router that only has one antenna or I need to go buy a second Airlink antenna. Problem is, going to Frys again will cost us $20 in gas and car usage, so it doesn’t worth the driving all the way to Palo Alto.

And yes, I do have a second router, still in its box, and it has a single antenna. Problem is, that this other Netgear router does not have a detachable antenna so I can’t remove it and plug the Airlink antenna into it instead.

Damn. >:(