Archive for June 22nd, 2005

Last day at OSNews

I just published my last article at OSNews with the capacity of the “editor in chief”. That was my last day in.

I will be sending my original reviews/editorials for publication from time to time, but it won’t be a regular thing at all. I will be submitting regular news bits though, and so you do so too, to help out David and Adam. 🙂

And speaking of Adam, he is preparing a new kick-ass commenting system for OSNews (will support logins, user moderation and stuff)! The mobility version of OSNews will suffer for a few days after this new version goes online, but I should be around to fix it though. I can’t stand not having my baby render on my PDAs. 😀

*Update:* We did some good work with Adam tonight to ensure mobile support for the “OSNews version 3”, as we call it. Version 1 was this one: (1997-2001)