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OSNews resignation

So, that was the last straw today. I had enough of some of the osnews-reader jerks (who happen to be the vocal minority). I want my daily peace back. I want to be able to wake up once and not rush to my computer to check my email and put stories up. Truth told, I don’t want to deal with the OS zealot-assholes anymore either. The losers can take their Linux/Mac/MS/Be/GPL/Gnome/kde/whatever distortion field and shove it up their asses. Zealotry is one thing I can’t get by and paying lip service to a ‘tech cult’ is another.

When I started OSNews, the idea was to embrace *all* OS/technologies equally. But many of the osnews readers wouldn’t let it be that way, they will grudge and whine over everything and hype over their own religion instead. OSNews –by nature– attracts readers from all platforms, so it was a bit normal to have daily wars on every subject. But I won’t take more of that crap (especially when this whole thing was a hobby and not a real job — hobbies are supposed to be fun).

So, I resigned from OSNews.

*I will* be posting a few articles next week (because I promised to a few friends), but that’s about it after that.

I will continue to write for the two european printed magazines as I do monthly, and if I have something ‘important’ to say, I will be just submitting editorials to, or or I will simply be using this blog. But I won’t be a regular or anything.

Of course, the downside of all this is that OSNews will suffer in terms of news posting if Adam & David don’t go full force with it (so make sure you submit a lot of news to them using the osnews submission form), and Gnomefiles will be largely unmaintained: Duplicate entries, wrongly placed Qt/Windows apps, broken links/icons etc will probably never be fixed…

It was quite a ride. I learned a lot from OSNews, it made me [in]famous (I can’t walk into an IRC channel or online forum without people recognizing my name – for better or worse), I met Steve, Linus and Bill via it, it gave me the satisfaction of creating a very successful site (from 700 to 275,000 pageviews daily, in 3.5 years) heck, it even helped me getting an interview from my favorite actor. What more could I ask for?

Thanks OSNews! Thanks David!
And so long!