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Five things that piss me off on Mac OS X [Tiger]

1. Third party optical writers don’t work. They must be Apple-branded, or the user will have to use the hack called Patchburn. Too bad, Patchburn does not make my firewire SONY DVD-RW to work completely. Toast works with it fine, but I want Finder to work too. Funny thing is, Linux supports way more burners than OSX does.

2. The new Bluetooth panels are BUGGY BUGGY BUGGY. I have my Linuxes route a wireless internet connection via Bluetooth, and while on Panther it was possible to use the “LAN Access Point” service, Tiger is buggy and it does not work anymore (it can see the service, but it doesn’t let me select it anymore). Trying to make it work I also found 3 more bluetooth panel bugs and I got a complete system crash! Jesus!

3. I need a free spreadsheet. BC is too simple and OOo-X11/NeoOffice is sucky on OSX and too bloated. However, Gnumeric would have been GREAT on OSX if someone did the same kind of job as the guy with gimp-osx does! A fully native X11 package for Gnumeric would rock, with no need to mess up with Fink or DarwinPorts. Just statically link the thing!

4. Safari does not work well with phpMyAdmin (it opens a new window when you click a db table and then forms stop working). It royally pisses me off.

5. Dashboard is USELESS. It’s freaking useless and a memory hog. After one hour of playing with it and installing some interesting widgets, it just doesn’t make sense anymore to have it there and suck up 200 MBs of memory. It’s just STUPID. I used a utility that blocks Dashboard from loading, and now I happily have some good amount of free memory. As for the widgets, they could just be regular apps or Sherlock plugins.

3600 pixels…

I made a mockup using a screenshot from Pocket Internet Exlorer and Windows Mobile 2003. I tried to eliminate any extra pixels vertically that are going unused, *without* making the toolbars look squashed and difficult to tap.

Apparently, there are 15 more pixels to save vertically on Pocket IE that could help the overall online experience with a PDA. Sure, 15 pixels don’t sound a lot to you, but don’t forget that this is 15×240 pixels, which equal 3600 pixels. And that’s a lot.

As for PalmOS devices, the situation is much worse, many pixels could be saved not just by reworking the toolbars, but also by using sane font sizes with ClearType, something that pre-PalmOS 6 lack (but even PalmOS 6 uses huge fonts and large toolbars).

mirror, mirror on the wall…

Sometimes, when I look at myself in the mirror, all I see is a feminine version of RMS (without the extra facial hair). I totally look geeky & unix-y. Especially when I wear my black Debian t-shirt and go shopping.