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Suspect confesses to killing missing teen

One of three young suspects arrested Thursday in the investigation into the disappearance of an Alabama teenager has confessed to her murder, a senior police official said late Friday.”

Why do people kill? I don’t know, I will never understand this. For me, killing is not only a terrible thing to do just for the person you kill but also for the victim’s family.

Think about it: A mother is investing 20 years to bring up a child, and a random motherfucker is taking all that away in 2 minutes, for no good reason. That’s what’s pissing me off mostly with killings: that the murderer doesn’t care about the people the victim will leave behind. This might sound a bit “egocentric” to you, but when someone is dead, is dead, end of story. The pain goes on in the family for years to come and leaves a major stigma though.

The world would have been a better place if people were actually ‘thinking’ before ‘doing’.


To all who risk their karma wishing to see me hurt: your wish will materialize very soon. I plan to visit a dentist.