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Guess who woke me up this morning

William Fichtner.


My favorite actor.

Called ME. On the phone.

*/me now lives in wonderland*

Honestly people, what a great guy. Enthusiastic and all. Wow!

Hopefully, we will do that interview for OSNews I requested discussing special effects on movies and all. Can’t promise it yet, but he said that he would like it too. Too bad I can’t remember much of our conversation, as I was half-sleeping at the time. :o)

I could never use KDE

Honestly, how could I use something like this? (shots from KDE pre-4.0)
It looks like command line but on a desktop: unessaserily complex and elementally-bloated. It just doesn’t inspire me to use it at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to use KDE in 1999 and 2000 when KDE was less bloated in terms of UI and when Gnome 1.x sucked even more. But now Gnome 2 gets it right 90% of the time, and KDE is so bloated UI-wise that I really don’t wanna touch it anymore.

No, Gnome is not great either (it’s just better), it lacks lots of things and its worst feature is the fact that it is getting developed REALLY SLOWLY lately (not many exciting things are happening, it seems that Red Hat/Novell engineers don’t spend as much time anymore on its core — KDE moves way faster) and yes, Gnome devs don’t seem to care much about user needs (where’s the integrated bluetooth utils guys? Integrated spotlight? (don’t mention beagle which is not part of the core)). It’s just that seeing the whole thing from far away, Gnome’s practices & strategies just don’t satisfy me as a user anymore, while KDE needs a total visual/usability reconstruction (I find KDE more powerful than Gnome under the hood, it’s just that its implmentation sucks).

In short: I don’t use Linux much anymore because of all this. I am using lots of OSX and XP (both super-stable, work great for me). And I am happy.

Unfair people

I see many people (or should I say trolls) on imDB that have rated ‘Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith’ as 1/10. This is just not right and I see it daily on my site too, There are some people that are just ill-mannered and want to drive down the overall average of a movie/application just so they can piss off others. This is just unfair. I have yet to see an application on gnomefiles that really deserves 1/10. I have seen plenty of crap there that are at around 3/10, but I don’t think 1/10 is a normal voting rate for any app that actually is somewhat functional. I mean, think about it. In a week, there are about 100 votes at 1/10, and less than 10 at 2/10. This means that people are voting 1/10 on PURPOSE, not because an app really deserves to be so low (and usually these 1s go to really good apps like Gimp, Beagle etc).

As for Star Wars, no, it doesn’t deserve 1/10 either. It is not the best movie ever, but it is definetely better than “mediocre”, so at least a 4 or 5/10 should have been more fair for people who didn’t really like it much. All others voting below that are just liers and nerve-breakers.

Watched Star Wars

So, I watched Star Wars tonight and I must say that I have mixed feelings for it. The movie is “ok” and fully watchable (and even enjoyable), but I am not really sure it’s better than ‘Attack Of The Clones’ (however I like it better than ‘Return of the Jedi’ which I never particularly liked — too isolated of an incident for my taste).

The transformation of Anakin to the Dark Side is just not that believable… Only a fool would have fallen for the crap Anakin fell for. And if Star Wars is just the family story of a fool, then we better not watch in the first place.

As for Padme’s death, this was unconvincing too. I know a species of fish that die in that way, but I never seen or heard of a human. 😛

Some scenes are cheesy and unessasery and others they could have been done better if Hayden Christiansen had a bit of *imagination*. The guy seems to lack the imagination required to construct situations in his head so he can act on them more naturally. He is *better* than in AOTC, but still worse than any other actor in the movie.

My favorite character in the movie this time around is senator Bail Organa. He was cool.

Of course, I will be watching the movie in the big screen, in about 2-3 weeks from now, after all the early-viewers have cleared up, so I can get a good seat in the middle of the theater. 😉

Overall: 7/10

Gangs use voodoo in Nigeria sex trade

If she runs away from her life of prostitution, her parents will become sick and die. At least that’s what this Nigerian woman believes. The threatened curse, she claims, was part of a voodoo rite performed in her homeland just weeks before she was brought to Greece by a prostitution ring.”

Idiotic people. They deserve the slavery.

I should elaborate on that. I used to believe in magic and paranormal when I was a teenager. I would read all these stupid books about it, as I am by nature a very curious person about anything out-of-this-world. I didn’t practice any of that crap of course, but I did read a lot and also learned to use cards to “tell the future” (I was told how by the cop boyfriend of my housemate in Corfu where I was studying nursing (yes, I used to be a nurse before studying programming – hospitals are not really for me)). Apparently, my card future-telling was pretty successful among my class mates, they were telling me that whatever I was telling them it was becoming true. Really, I don’t have a way to know if this was the case indeed as, supposedly, telling the cards to yourself doesn’t work.

Anyways, I was into that crap and was also the laughing stock among many of my “friends”. But I didn’t care, “I knew better”. Until one day I had bought that very interesting philosophical/paranormal book and couldn’t wait to go home and read it, I was reading it in the street while walking… 😮

And then I bumped into one person that I shouldn’t have. Another cop that I was crazy for at the time (we are talking 1991 here). 😉

The guy knew that I was crazy about him, but he didn’t really care about me as he was in love with the ex-girlfriend of the guy mentioned above who taught me how to tell the cards but she didn’t care about him (complex situation, I tell ya). He said “Hey, Eugenia, what’s up? What are you reading with such passion over there?”. Oops…

Needless to say when I became the laughing stock for him as well and it was too much to bare this time, I never got into this crap again. I haven’t read the cards since then either. It’s all past. And you know what? Looking back at my teenage life, I can clearly see that all that “magic” crap are just that: useless, stupid crap.

Don’t believe in such stupid things people. Keep an open mind about it from a *scientific* point of view, but if there is nothing scientific about it, discard it.

Anakin’s turn to Dark Side is not convincing

From the CNN review:

“Anakin’s journey to the Dark Side is sparked by half a dozen different motivations, none of them entirely convincing. He has a nightmare that his pregnant bride, Padmé (Natalie Portman), is going to die in childbirth, and Palpatine exploits this premonition by promising Anakin that the Dark Side will give him power over life and death.”

I have to agree with the review and many other people that the motivations turning Anakin to the dark side are just not convincing. What Lucas should have done is place Amidala in danger while in a diplomatic mission, have the Jedis fail to rescue her because she was not the priority of the mission, have Amidala die in the mission, and then have Anakin go berzerk over this Jedi decision and turn against them. THIS is something that can turn a man in love in to a lunatic, and THIS human nature is what Lucas should have exploited to make the turn to the Dark Side believable.

Regarding the GameBoy Micro

The Game Boy Micro will have the same processing power and play the same games as the Game Boy Advance SP.”

I find this to be pretty dissapointing… It’s the same machine on a different shell. Here’s what I would have liked to see from a next-generation Gameboy compared to GameBoy Advanced SP:

3″ TFT QVGA 320×240 (currently: 2.2″ 240×160)

208 Mhz ARM CPU (current is about 60 Mhz I think)

4 MB RAM (currently: 384 KB)

8 MB 3D card (currently: none)

CF slot (for games and for mp3 playback) (curently: proprietary slot)

Bluetooth wireless allowing up to 4 players at the same time (currently: none)

Ability to run older games re-released in CF format (or through a converter).

Now, that would kick ass. Nintento needs to get their shit together.

FreeBSD had to reboot…

My husband’s Freebsd 4.5 build machine at work had to reboot today after hitting a softupdates bug (it wouldn’t release inodes and free up disk space after the disk got full and the user tried to delete uneeded files — some others had hit that bug too, still unfixed today).

uptime: 5:07PM up 1171 days, 21:03, 1 user, load averages: 0.00, 0.08, 0.07

The ‘Life of Brian’ movie

Just watched Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ on DVD. Could someone explain to me why this movie is among the top 250 movies of all times on imDB? The movie sucks! Sure, it has a few funny moments, but I don’t like its style at all.

Konqueror sucks

I find Konqueror to be the WORST piece of software, EVER. That doesn’t mean that its code or architecture is bad, on the contrary. But the usability of the thing is well below mediocre. It’s so unessesarily bloated and complex that it’s not funny anymore. I use computers for so many years, and Konqueror just scares me away. There are so many buttons that I don’t know what they do, while a file manager should be simple and intuitive. Konqueror is not.