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35 minutes with William Fichtner


William Fichtner called in again today for the interview (I am typing it up right now) and we had a long chat and stuff. My arm hurts for holding the phone and the PDA with the same hand for 35 minutes (I was recording it using the PDA’s mic) while I was taking notes with the other.

He seems to be such a great and open guy. Hollywood needs more people like him.

And of course, this was one of the best birthday presents I ever had (maybe the best ;). I am 32 today (he enthusiastically shouted “Happy Birthday!!” when I told him so at the end!

UPDATE: The interview is up!. I am really happy with the content. 🙂

Greece won the Eurovision (ugh)

What a terrible song that was… So cheezy (like most Greek music). Yuk!

Female rhino, male goat strike unlikely bond

Who said that men don’t like large women? Think again.

The truth behind the Balance of the Force

So, but so much true…. Jedis had it wrong, Siths had it wrong too.