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Anakin’s turn to Dark Side is not convincing

From the CNN review:

“Anakin’s journey to the Dark Side is sparked by half a dozen different motivations, none of them entirely convincing. He has a nightmare that his pregnant bride, Padmé (Natalie Portman), is going to die in childbirth, and Palpatine exploits this premonition by promising Anakin that the Dark Side will give him power over life and death.”

I have to agree with the review and many other people that the motivations turning Anakin to the dark side are just not convincing. What Lucas should have done is place Amidala in danger while in a diplomatic mission, have the Jedis fail to rescue her because she was not the priority of the mission, have Amidala die in the mission, and then have Anakin go berzerk over this Jedi decision and turn against them. THIS is something that can turn a man in love in to a lunatic, and THIS human nature is what Lucas should have exploited to make the turn to the Dark Side believable.

Regarding the GameBoy Micro

The Game Boy Micro will have the same processing power and play the same games as the Game Boy Advance SP.”

I find this to be pretty dissapointing… It’s the same machine on a different shell. Here’s what I would have liked to see from a next-generation Gameboy compared to GameBoy Advanced SP:

3″ TFT QVGA 320×240 (currently: 2.2″ 240×160)

208 Mhz ARM CPU (current is about 60 Mhz I think)

4 MB RAM (currently: 384 KB)

8 MB 3D card (currently: none)

CF slot (for games and for mp3 playback) (curently: proprietary slot)

Bluetooth wireless allowing up to 4 players at the same time (currently: none)

Ability to run older games re-released in CF format (or through a converter).

Now, that would kick ass. Nintento needs to get their shit together.