Archive for May 9th, 2005

Teaching math while sleeping

Last night I was dreaming that I was a math(!) teacher at a high school, somewhere at an unknown place/time. Shortly, I was in rage and furious with some students making some noise. It’s weird actually being in rage while sleeping.

I think I would have made a terrible teacher, I don’t have the patience for it. Hopefully, I won’t be like that if I become a mother in the future.

Axim X5 is..

…a nice PDA to playback ripped dvd movies in DivX format (I wrote a review here). A good quality dvd-rip of a 120 minutes movie requires less than half a gigabyte, so with an Axim X5 for $179 and a $29 bucks SD or CF card, you are all set for your multimedia powerhouse. 🙂

Other multimedia video viewers cost more than $400 and they don’t have the added PDA functionality.