The new Star Wars TV series and IM time wasters

I can’t wait to watch the new SW TV series next year! And of course, I pray that William Fichtner will get a role as a Jedi master (I bet real money that there will be a surviving master and a young padawan and that the storyline will be about the creation of the rebelion and its early days)!
Having Fichtner as a Jedi Master won’t just be a dream come true, but a… fantasy come true. Hehe… 😉

BTW, I did something nasty tonight. You know, I get all these irritating IM messages daily from some random people trying to have cybersex and what not. I despise these people, they make me sick. Thing is though, you can’t easily get rid of them. And so tonight I tried a different strategy:

parkermXX: you are beautiful
parkermXX: have a sec to chat?
eugenia_loli: my husband just told me “yes, go ahead”.
parkermXX: lol
parkermXX: r u unable to chat cause you are married?
eugenia_loli: I am able to chat just fine, we can have a threesome if you want
parkermXX: lol
eugenia_loli: my husband is just next to me, let’s all have some fun

      Session Closed (parkermXX): Sun May 01 22:46:54 2005

hahaha…. what a fast way to scare him off! 😀

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