Archive for April 28th, 2005

Michael Jackson’s trial

I don’t understand the big hoopla-hoopla about this trial. It’s just yet another pedophile in the stand. Big deal. If guilty, cut his balls and put him to jail, end of story. Do we have to turn on the TV and have all these shows/news about it instead of having some real quality TV time? (e.g. Fichtner riding a Harley Davidson — hey, bugger off, at least he is not 12 😉

The only thing that makes me think more is Jackson’s family and how they support him. His mother and father are standing on his side and fully support him. Honestly, if my son was a pedophile (or a murderer or anything of a sort), I am not sure I would support him. I have a strong sense of righteousness and honor and I would not let anything get in between, not even a family member. I don’t have children and if I do have in the future I might change my mind because, well, love is love. But from where I stand today, I would take a completely neutral position (or even a negative one) on my son’s trial if I knew that he was guilty. It will hurt me, and it will hurt him, but he should have thought of this before putting his dick in places where he shouldn’t.

The MDs

Spent all the afternoon watching all 8 episodes of the MDs on my PC today, a medical drama TV series that was short lived in 2002. Apparently it was canceled because of the TV network’s error: they put it against two other medical shows at the same time/day and so it couldn’t withstand the competition. However, watching the series I found one more flaw: the first 3-4 episodes were really good. Then, it became really boring and disconnected. I guess that had something to do with the viewership and the consequent cancelation too…

Oh, yeah, almost forgot… William Fichtner is ultra sexy in the series, playing a divorced heart surgeon with a… Harley Davindson. 😉

In a not so nice note though, I felt sick more than once with that series. They would simulate heart transplant operations and I was that close from throwing up on Fichtner’s face (aka my monitor).