Archive for April 16th, 2005


once, I saw a greek movie about a couple that were trying to make a living and so the woman was working all day in 2 different jobs and the man all night. They were only seeing each other less than an hour a day.

Kinda what happens with me and my beloved JBQ. He is working and sleeping normal hours, while I am a late night bird and go to bed really late (or early morning, depends how you see it) usually working with my computers. Last night I slept at 6:30 AM again, after watching all night a movie that was on TNT, statring at 3:30 AM.

So this morning we decided to get Netflix so stuff like that don’t happen again. Hopefully, I will be able to watch my movies on normal hours and spend more time with my little hairy squirrel, JBQ. 🙂