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William Fichtner wallpapers

Hmm, here I am, feeling like a 16-year old teenager, creating wallpapers for my favorite actor. 😉

These are 1024×768 William Fichtner wallpapers I made tonight from his Equilibrium movie appearance. My God his performance is so great in that movie too! A highly recommended movie!

Wallpaper 1

Wallpaper 2

Wallpaper 3

Wallpaper 4

Wallpaper 5

Tonight I also joined the yahoogroups fan mailing list of William. It’s fun to see other middle-aged women like myself going berzerk about that (also happily married) guy. Haha, look, I am laughing at myself! 😀

Ah, shouldn’t have had so much wine tonight… I think I got a bit drunk actually, we were celebrating my JBQ’s promotion you see. 🙂

Update: And here are 8 more wallpapers, from the Black Hawk Down DVD and documentary:

Wallpaper 6

Wallpaper 7

Wallpaper 8

Wallpaper 9

Wallpaper 10

Wallpaper 11

Wallpaper 12

Wallpaper 13

And here is the batch from “Contact”:

Wallpaper 14

Wallpaper 15

Wallpaper 16

Wallpaper 17

Wallpaper 18

Wallpaper 19

Wallpaper 20

Wallpaper 21

Wallpaper 22

Wallpaper 23

And a last one, from his appearance in ‘Pearl Harbor’ as the dirty abusive father:

Wallpaper 24

Got another column on a printed magazine

So, I will be writing a monthly column for the Greek PC Magazine, starting from the June’s issue. That’s my second column for a printed magazine (I already write the Gnome column for the Linux+ magazine that prints in 5 languages), but I was featured 3-4 times before in the past in other magazines (e.g. UK’s PC Plus, Greece’s RAM, a sweedish tech magazine etc), but this time is again a monthly column. My editor asked me for a… Dvorak-style editorial column this time. Hmm, I am not so sure about that…

As for me leaving OSNews, thank you for your supporting emails. I am still seriously thinking of it. In any case I would keep my monthly columns in the printed magazines (makes my mom proud ;), but I had too much of the online reporting, the constant battle with the instant feedback wears you out.

I emailed my local college about Astronomy 101 and 103 classes, but they haven’t replied back yet (and I need to get the damn California driving license first too :o).