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Super-strong men are not always the most attractive

God, that guy is really hot (William Fichtner in “Contact“, portaying a blind man). He’s also hot in his role in Armageddon and a super-classy actor in Equilibrium (that movie is dynamite btw, buy it).

What I like in his role as Dr. Kent Clark in “Contact” though is not just the fact that he is super-cute, but that he also feels vulnerable, as he is a blind man (but he is also a very intelligent and capable guy). I am not sure if my feelings are motherly or sexual, or a combination of the two, but reading on the web, all women who like the William Fichtner actor they like him in THAT role specifically too! So, I decided to make some psychological analysis:

Being vulnerable makes a person more dependant on you, therefore it makes a relationship more stable. In today’s world where people are dumping others for no good reason and one-night-stands are common, people like Kent are an asset to a relationship as it makes the woman feel safer in terms of the relationship’s future.

Of course, by being blind, it means that the man can’t protect the woman if needed. This is an instinct that humans have had forever: women take care of their babies, and they need the men to be strong & healthy to protect both of them from others or wild animals and fish/hunt food. But in today’s equal-sex society this is needed less and less (unless you live in NY ;-), and so vulnerable, sweet, sensitive –feminine-like men, if you like– seem more attractive to many women than a body builder or muscular male good-looking model or Mr ToughGuy.

Sensitivity in men is in, toughness is out in this modern world we live in. Take notes lads!