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Lacking PDA apps

There are about 20,000 apps for PalmOS and about 15,000 for WinCE/Mobile. Some of them are freeware, although their numbers are not as many as in a desktop OS, because these devices are meant for businessmen, and businessmen pay for them. However, there are two kinds of apps that is VERY surprising that there is no freeware alternative for them!

PalmOS: A free image viewer that really works! There is only a single freeware out there that’s mentionable (Album to Go), which it just doesn’t work right and can’t find my pictures on the MStick. JpegView is an excellent free jpeg viewer, but only works on PalmOS 5 while JpegWatchLite can’t read from external media and it’s slow (up to 11 seconds to load a small pic). There are other, really good, image viewers for Palm, but they are not free or they only support “converted” pictures to some arcane format (and Resco’s offering while otherwise excellent, is also pretty slow loading even a 320×200 15 KB .jpeg on our T-615C 33Mhz SONY Clie — up to 8 secs). PPC has 4-5 good free image viewers.

PPC: There is no free telnet or SSH client! In fact, there is not a good commercial one either! PalmOS has both a free telnet and an ssh client, written by the same person.

Now, you might think, why someone with a PDA need an image viewer and an ssh/telnet client? Well, there are uses for that:
1. As I wrote in the past, I exported some of my husband’s great pictures in 320×320 and because these have a really small (15 to 30 KB each), any SD/MMC/MStick bigger than 32 MB is able to store thousands of these resized-down pics. Having a color PDA can be used an occasional image-viewing gadget.
2. If you are an admin and you work on a big-big company, you are all over the place all the time fixing thing. Having a PDA that has WiFi allows you to quickly login to your server from any point inside the company (even when in the toilet or cantine 😉 and fix things.