Archive for March 23rd, 2005

Dual monitors

Holly cow! This is so awesome!

So, now I have a dual monitor setup, both LCDs:

1. Primary, 1280×1024, 19″. Runs OE, Trillian, WinAMP, others.

2. Secondary, 1200×1600, 21.3″ (vertical mount). It runs Firefox/IE exclusively, maximized.

You can’t believe how cool it is to have OSNews or Slashdot loaded on a 1200×1600 long screen. It’s so much information you can fit in that makes it so awesome!

Here are two pics of my desk: first one shows the screens and my desk with all the junk around it, second one focuses on the screens themselves.

Nokia 3230 might be a good purchase

I don’t have a cell phone. I never had one. My brother gave me his old SonyEricson T310 (or something) a few months ago and I already don’t remember where I’ve put it, as I don’t use it here in US (no phone number chip in it).

I have made a promise to myself to only buy a smartphone in the future, and currently the only smartphone that I am kinda ok with is the MDA-II from T-Mobile which is not even out yet. I want a full PDA functionality in a phone you see and the current solutions are half baked hybrids. The MDA-II seems to be good, but I don’t like its size (for some reason they have a lot of unused space around the 3.5″ inch screen) making the device unessarily large.

So, I found a good compromise: cheap smartphone, but not too bad: it has Bluetooth, Symbian and a 176×208 screen, the Nokia 3230. I know, I have said in the past that I would never buy a crappy Nokia phone (I hate most of their unusable designs with these weird non-standard buttons), but this one seems to not be so bad. More info and shots here:
Apparently it will sell for cheap, for a smartphone.

BT Keyboard, LCD are here

Yeah! My 21″ Samsung LCD is here! Can’t wait to plug it in later!

And before that, I received a new Bluetooth keyboard for my PDA. Will write a review about it in the next few days.