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HOWTO: how to be sure your husband doesn’t cheat on you

My beloved JBQ truly loves me. Except that he reminds me of it every single day and makes my life really worth living for, he tells me so even in his sleep. Last night I went to bed pretty late, about 3:30 AM, after finishing my article for the magazine I write for monthly. We spent the evening at a friend’s house where JBQ played some poker.

So, when I went to bed, JBQ started talking in his sleep:

JBQ: Are you in or out?
(Hehe, I figured that he had a bit too much poker and he was dreaming about it. I decided to respond:)
Eugenia: I am in.
JBQ: How many points do you have?
(I have no clue about poker and points, and so I picked a random number:)
Eugenia: 32
Eugenia: Do you like Poker?
JBQ: yeah…
(At that point I thought I grab the opportunity and ask him things. Talking with one’s subconcious is not only interesting, but a conversation based on truth, as at this state the ‘subject’ can not lie. And so I continued the conversation:)
Eugenia: Do you really love Eugenia?
JBQ: Yeah…
Eugenia: Which other woman do you like?
JBQ: My little wife and my sheep.
(that’s both myself 😉 )

So, now I have not a single doubt (not that I had really). The guy loves me, and I love him too. I want to marry him again. 🙂

Murder near my home

Where I come from (Louros Preveza, Greece) there are no major crimes happening. The last time I remember a murder happening 20 km radius of the Louros town was sometime in 1985. “Local” crimes by Greeks are really rare in my prefecture, as the code of honor is still strong in this specific rural part of Greece. Think Klingons…

Today I read on the Greek news that a murder happened near my town (about 35 km away), near the the city of Arta. Apparently a 44 year old was bugging a 15 year old girl. Her brother, a 17 year old student, went to talked to him and asked him to leave his sister alone. A fight started. In the rage, the student told the guy that he would kill him if he would go near his sister again. A few days later, the 44 year old gunned down the student, so “he wouldn’t be the one who’s gunned down first”. He was arrested, and so far he said that he would again do the same thing if all was to happen all over again. Now, the family around the dead student want to kill the 44 year old, who is kept in the police station under a heavy guard.

If I am to speak like a Greek native of these lands, I would say: let ’em kill ‘im. The guy had no right to go after 15-year old girls in the first place.

If I am to speak more objectively, I would prefer the justice system to put him in jail for life. And yet, he deserves death. Even if in the Greek legal system executions are not allowed…