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People tell me not to be emotional, but DAMN IT! Argh!

So, after a few days using the new Dell PC with the LCD (1280×1024@75Hz) and configure it, it was time to move the PC to my desk and use it with my normal monitor, my Sony E540 21″ CRT which is supposed to be used at 1600×1200 @ 85 Hz. Guess fucking what:

The freaking ATi X300 SE PCI Express 128 MB card *can not handle properly* anything above 1280×1024 (emphasis on ‘properly’). The fucking fonts ARE FUZZY. This is something to expect from trash onboard cheap cards like S3 or Intel or SiS, **NOT** from ATi. This is a $120 graphics card we are talking about with a ramdac running at 400 Mhz, it’s not trash, supposedly.

You see, the card CAN do above 85 Hz and possibly do 85 Hz even on 2048×1536, BUT it can not DRIVE it *properly* (emphasis on ‘properly’). The fonts are fuzzy and the quality is not as good as when I run it on 75Hz or how it used to be with my old computer (the ancient dual Celeron 533 with a Matrox G400 32 MB — which is known for its legendary 2D quality btw). I am using this damn thing right now for less than 10 minutes and my eyes ALREADY HURT.

What pisses me off even more is that the Voodoo5 I used to have and the Matrox G400 had FANTASTIC 2D quality on high refresh rates and high resolutions, and that was FIVE YEARS AGO. ATi today STILL hasn’t manage to produce a card that can actually be used on high 2D resolutions properly? This is so hard to believe, it is, what can I say, the tech surprise of the year for me! This is a PCI Express card damn it, it’s supposed to be a fucking next generation card and it’s beaten from Voodoo5/G400 like crazy on 2D quality!

Tomorrow already I am going to buy an nVidia Geforce PCI Express one. nVidia is able to drive 2D properly (from what I have seen so far, that is). I don’t fucking want to hear about ATi again. Ever.

And I WANT MY MONEY BACK, but try to explain 2D quality to the Dell support. They will laugh at your face! >:(

Get rid of the chocolate craving

My favorite sweet snack was always the milk chocolate. If I couldn’t have even a single bite per day, I would feel that something was missing.

I think I found a way out of my chocolate addiction.

It all started a few weeks ago when we decided to use our new mixer machine. We decided to do fruit smoothies with it. We bought frozen cherries, strawberries, peach, pineapple & orange juice and almost every evening we would have one glass of thick smoothie after dinner.

It was not few days later that I realized that I was not craving for chocolate anymore. I just didn’t need its sugar. The fruit smoothies are giving me the daily sugar I need and they take away the chocolate craving somehow.

However, please note, that the smoothies that you can buy from a shop will probably NOT do the trick, as they have very little actual fruit in them, and mostly they have flavored ice and real sugar. The home-made THICK smoothies (the ones that you can feel the fruits as such) CAN help you! And they are so much healthier than chocolate or the ready-made smoothies!