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Charles and Camilla’s wedding

I am so happy to see them getting ready for marriage. This is a real painful love story and in 100 years from now people will see it as such instead of seeing the “Charles cheated on Diana” thing. Camilla was there first and apparently Camilla was/is his love of his life, not Diana. Diana was a great person, but probably her love of her life was someone else too. It was out of political and other needs that these two people had to get married and play the “Prince and Princess” game. I am happy that at the end it was love that won and not the political needs. If Charles and Diana were still together today, they would both be miserable! We should wish the best for people, and in this case, the best for Charles and Camilla is to get together. The same would be true for Diana too (with the right man, of course) if she was still alive.