Archive for March 12th, 2005

My new Dell PC


Going from a dual celeron 533, 256 MBs of RAM and 128 KB cache to 3 GHz with 1 GB RAM and 2 MB cache, can make lots of difference. 😉

To test the machine, I even played Doom 3. I was able to play it fine on 800×600 with medium quality gfx. Running it on 1280×1024 (native res for my LCD) with high quality gfx, it would drop frames. The gfx card I bought was an ATi X300 SE 128 MB PCI Express, which I later found out is marginally faster than a Radeon 9200 AGP. Update: Since then it was upgraded to an nVidia 8600GTS, and later on a 8800GS. Also, 3 GBs of RAM. The XP installation that came with it still works perfectly 5 years later.

More on Enterprise’s Finale


Even worse news on Enterprise’s finale. The rumor has it that the WHOLE Enterprise thing was nothing but a big holodeck program running by Riker and Troi in year 2385.

No wonder the T’Pol actor was pissed off with the producers a couple of weeks ago.