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Retailers want 16-hour trucker workday

Welcome to modern-day slavery.

Bluetooth usb dongle

I also bought a D-Link “DBT-120 Rev. B4” Bluetooth dongle today, and it also worked out of the box with Arch Linux (after you install the BlueZ libraries that is found on the Arch repositories).

Weirdly enough, this dongle is supposedly fully compatible with Mac OS X (no extra drivers needed), but it doesn’t seem to work for me…

Hawking usb ethernet adapter on Arch Linux

I just came back from Frys and they had the Hawking USB Network Adapter for only $10, so I thought I buy one for my Sony Vaio 333 Mhz (which runs Arch Linux) that doesn’t have an ethernet card in it (I use it with wifi). With great surprise, I saw that the device is fully supported by Linux, out of the box! I didn’t even had to load Hotplug, the network startup script did the right job and loaded the rtl8150 module, and up we were, connected immediately! The adaptor is really cheap, so if you are in a similar situation (PC with no free PCI slots or laptop with no ethernet), this very cheap adaptor is a must-have!