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Play Chess, Go to Jail

Washington has sought Fischer, who became world chess champion in his 1972 match in Iceland against Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union, on charges of violating international sanctions against the former Yugoslavia by playing chess there in 1992.”

Yet another load of crap from the “land of the free”, aka USA. If a country has a problem with another country, let them have a problem. Do what you have to do, and don’t betray your country (e.g. don’t reveal agent names or reveal strategic locations etc). But having them chasing you for playing Chess there, or running on a competition there, or starting a new company there, or whatever else, IS NOT acceptable in my book. Such blackouts to countries should be voluntary to normal people, to illustrate a point, not chasing these people down because they don’t share your political ideas or just because they don’t give a rat’s ass about the country in question being ‘non-compliant’ to international laws. People should be allowed to not give a rat’s ass.

UPDATE: To further illustrate my point, this is similar to “don’t play ball with the children of a well-known burglar”. While the burglar might be a bad man indeed, his children might not be. Besides, why not play ball with them? The important thing is to not go steal together, not play ball.