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Arnie as a governor

Last night I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger on TV, he apparently gave a speech a few miles away from where we live. The report also showed that Arnie put real theatrical “shows” in his recent speeches, complete with theatrical scenery! It made politics look even worse than it already is. Then, a journalist asked him about all this crap, and Arnie replied “[…], you should be even paying to see the show”.

Thing is, WE DO pay, we, Californians (even if I am not a citizen, I do pay taxes). All the CRAP he used for his latest speeches cost Californians real money. I am really pissed at Arnold not only doing all that clown shows that are really innapropriate and silly, but also have the indecency (or stupidity more like it) to say “you should be paying to see all that”.

I am starting to think that Arnold was really not a good choice for a governor.

Ugly contestants

Just watched the first episode of the new cycle of America’s Next Top Model. From the 14 girls that made it to the next round, only 4-5 are so-so. The ONLY stunner and top-model material there, is Brittany. I really don’t like any of the other girls.

Satellite radio

My husband’s JVC/Sirious satellite radio is here. My baby has a new toy to play with… for a few days, while the novelty lasts. 😉

8 New Vulnerabilities Discovered in Firefox 1.0


So much about how “securely” open source software is written. I have said it all along: the same kind of engineers who work for MS or Apple, are the same kind of developers who do OSS software. OSS devs are NOT inherently “more intelligent” than the engineers who work on closed source. They do similar development decisions more often than not.

I am writing this with uber-sarcasm, because for 6 years now, I had ENOUGH of all these idiots on the online forums advocating how much “secure” OSS is. It’s not. Or, it’s not more than an equivelant Windows or OSX application. It’s just that OSS software is not used as much as Windows software is and so nobody CARES to break into such boxes and take advantage of their vulnerabilities. It’s more FUN to try to fuck up some windows’ user box and then spread it to some more millions of users than to have a limited success with the varieties of Linux users.

You see, with Unix and Linux this can not happen as easily, because of binary compatibility issues, or because most users don’t run as root. But the point remains: the actual software is not more secure than Windows’ equivelant software CODE-wise (remember, I mean code-wise application per application, NOT as a generic result of a whole OS). If more OSS software was running on Windows, they would be targetted by hackers as well. And the proof is Firefox. Firefox is the “golden child” of the OSS scene, and because now it’s so widely used, security firms or hackers ARE trying to find holes in it, just as they did with IE for years now.

I am sure that if Konqueror or Lynx were to be ported on Windows natively *and* become as successful as IE or Firefox are, everyone would be on their tail as well.

Writing secure software is EXPENSIVE. It means that each line of code must be fully tested and *properly* QA’ed (most OSS software is beta tested, but not QA’ed, these are different notions). And doing just that requires TIME, and MONEY. And it is NOT a glorious job to do. It’s a TEDIOUS job to do. And that’s why there is so much bad, unsecure software out there today: because no one wants to take the time to properly QA their projects. Be it Microsoft, Apple or Joe OSS-Developer.

Thankfully, some people DO get it, even on Slashdot: here or here.

Star Trek and the B&B regime

It’s already known that Star Trek was killed by B&B (mostly Berman) and not by “too much Trek“. After Rodenberry’s death, Berman tried unsuccessfuly, to simply, innovate. When TNG came out in 1987 it’s first two seasons sucked, despite all the money that was put into this business. However, in seasons 3 to 6, the series made such a great comeback that I personally consider it the best TV series of all time. There were some episodes in there that are true gems of art. They spoke to my heart.

Now, rumours surface regarding ‘Enterprise’ finale: Tucker dies. “I’m royally pissed at Rick and Brannon for the job they did on the last episode so I’m spilling the beans on it“, said the well-known-unknown person who revealed the spoiler (he is always accurate, just like ThinkSecret ;-).

On another spoiler of an another upcoming episode of Enterprise, before the finale, “Colonel Green, takes over the verteron array on Mars designed to protect Earth from comets and turns the particle cannons on San Francisco, threatening to destroy Starfleet Command unless all non-humans leave the solar system.“. Actually, this might be a good episode. I fear that Earth would have *lots* of such intollerant assholes if suddenly aliens would visit us and even if these aliens might be friendly.

No, I am not talking about the Greys and Reptilians and their painful anal probes. These must remain out of our Solar System and anuses indeed. 😉