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Suckiest. Day. Ever.

What a complete fucking sucky day that was.

First, I had some real foes like Jeff Waugh being insulting to me and I have a strong suspicion (based on the IP address) that he also posted on osnews via a pseudonym, trolling. Then, Ross Burton posted on his blog how osnews doesn’t have integrity and what not.

I don’t mind Jeff, because I know what a real jerk he is (I learned to live with his worse-than-mine attitude), but I do mind Ross. I mean, the whole thing was taken well out of proportion (==my mininterpretation of Seth Nickell’s email about Clearlooks to become Gnome’s default theme). It was a genuine mistake (I read Seth’s email in a different way than most people did), and it was CORRECTED soon after the point was made.

Yet, people felt like commenting on Ross’ blog and be as insulting as they could, even if they don’t understand jack about how things really were. I spent the entire night trying to explain to these people what happened, to no avail (I slept less than 3 hours all night, being online trying to make things right).

It is really unfair to have explained everything on your part, and still have people trying to stub you. They feel that it’s their right to walk all over you as soon as they get a chance. These people must answer for their lack of mercy. If you are a nobody, nobody cares about what you do. But if you are someone who is so active online like myself, you are a moving target, all the time, no matter if you deserve the slack or not.

If that was not enough, hours after that it was revealed that Callum Benson put a code snippet I sent him many months ago, on the wrong theme, making the Simple theme uglier than it already is. I was grilled for not sending a patch instead of a code snippet. Yet another mix up, because it was never meant to be a patch. It was meant to be suggestion that if it would work for the maintainer too, to make it to the main theme. Besides, I don’t even know how to use “patch”. On all my years of development on Dos/Windows/BeOS I never needed such a tool, so I never learned to use one. And I don’t use CVS either (I do dig subversion happily though). However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have something to offer, cause I do.

The only bright point on my day was my husband buying me a new PC to replace my old WinXP dual Celeron 533 Mhz ancient PC I am still using. I feel terribly bad for not being more happy about this gift, because my husband DESERVES to at least see me happy today. He shed $1400 for me in a heartbeat, he does deserves to see at least a smile.

Too bad that so many assholes online today really fucked up my day with their intollerance. Yes, you won the battle, you fucking jerks. But I will strike back, with double the vengeance.

*Update, March 15th:* When I wrote the above I was mostly angry to forum posters on Ross’ blog, *NOT* to the bunch of the gnome developers — except maybe one who never rests.