The new iPod Photo

The new iPod Photos “feature the ability to import photos from a digital camera via the new iPod Camera Connector for instant viewing and slide show playback on iPod photo“.

What a freaking USELESS feature. That sentense right there shows nothing but PURE MARKETING. Let me explain:

What is the point of viewing pictures on your iPod Photo when sometimes the LCD on the cameras is bigger anyway and sometimes, the *viewfinder* of cameras has a higher resolution than that (Minolta’s high-eng digicams have a full VGA resolution).

Don’t get me wrong. The iPod Photo is a great STORAGE device for photos. For example, if you are on a photo trip to another country, and you need to dump your photos somewhere safe, the iPod Photo and the Epson Photo device are GREAT for that.

But please Apple, DON’T tell me that someone would want to buy an iPod Photo for PHOTO VIEWING. If someone does that just for that reason, he is an IDIOT and a slave of marketing blah-blah.

Makes more sense to even buy a Zire 32 (even with that ugly DualScan screen it has), buy a cheap 64 MB SD card, and use Photoshop Elements (that usually comes with the digicam) to resize the pics down to 160×160 and place them on the SD card. This will hold about 3,000 pictures, on a bigger screen than the iPod and with less money. The only thing that you will miss, is the large quantity of music playback and the ability to use the iPod Photo as a backup device rather than photo viewing-only. But if all you want is photo-viewing, use a Zire instead or your camera itself. No reason to get an iPod Photo.

Having said all that, the iPod Mini 4 GBs for $199 is actually a very fair price and a good buy indeed.

UPDATE: Now, this is a photo-viewing device that deserves the name and the price. It’s got a large screen to view photos, and it can also play videos. It’s more expensive than the iPod Photo, but it’s faster and it has more features.

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