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Iron Maiden

I am not a particular Maiden fan (in fact I used to hate them in the ’80s for their “bring your daughter to the slaughter” song) but my husband is a huge fan and as I drove him to Star Trek, he seems to drive me over liking some of the songs of Maiden. 🙂

Of course, having Bruce Dickinson being so damn hairy and sexy, helps a lot. 😀

Tonight we watched their video clips on DVD and some of these songs were performed with that Blaze guy that Maiden had as their singer from 1994 to 1998 or so. The guy is a very good singer *technically* speaking, but he fails miserably to have an impact with his voice. He was shouting hard on his songs, but he only managed to put me to sleep.

This is one great example of a person who CAN sing without mistakes, but having not a “signature voice” can ruin it all. Thankfully, Dickinson joined the band back at the end of the ’90s.

I think that the “Flight Of Icarus” is my favorite Maiden song. They have 6-7 more good ones. The rest ones, I am not so sure it’s really my style though.

More on this….

My husband was discussing with me my latest blog entry and he noted that if you don’t have internationalized wars, you can have civil wars. That’s true, but USA didn’t have a civil war for 130 years now. If a syndicated system like this can be created for all countries under the UN power, I would be happy about it and I think that most people on other countries would feel the same.

Please note that all this stuff goes together with measures to bring the human population under 1 billion and regulate the human activities on nature.

My husband claims that you can’t do all that without becoming either a communist or a Nazi, but I believe there is always a good and democratic way to achieve all this. Why is it so utopian and out-of-this-world to ask for World Peace, No Poverty, World Unification and taking care of our planet’s plants and animals? As a woman, and as someone who hates wars and pain, I welcome such a major step in our journey of our civilization to mature.

Goss: North Korea’s nuclear capability grown

Now, here’s a real enemy that can do some real damage instead of the minor crap that Bin Laden and Iraq were capable of.

Problem is, even if UN and US manages to come into terms with North Korea over their dangerous weapons they are building, in 5 or 10 years from now there is going to be another country that will be able to build such weapons. And the same crap will happen all over again.

Solution: Create a single world government and make UN stronger, don’t let any country not be part of it and not obey the *world* rules. Sounds totalitarian? Maybe. But if that’s what gonna take to perserve our species isntead of ending up killing each other, sounds good to me.

Extreme situations call for extreme measures, I am afraid.

Then again, I am a Trekkie, and so not having a single governement and true unification for all of humanity sounds so stupid to me. I am a pacifier, and that can only happen if all humans feel that belong to the same country (“planet”).

Problem is, that there are a lot of people who don’t want to lose their “identity” of being Greek or French. Personally, I don’t give a dime if someone is Turkish, Greek, Iranian, Chinese, Kongonese, French or American. To me, they are all the same, and they should all be feeling like they belong to the same place, any place that might be (“opou gis kai patris” as they say in Greece). Yes, I am the opposite of a chauvinist. I endorse a world democratic governement (and I even endorse a not-so-democratic one, if required, as long as it brings people together and elliminates wars). Preserving our species and planet is more important than “being Greek” or “being French”. People who believe otherwise are not just chauvinistic, they are just not thinking straight. 😛