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A new Dell PC

So, my beloved husband bought a new PC for me to replace my so aging dual Celeron 533 Mhz. An early birthday gift!

The new PC has 1 GB of RAM, X300 ATi Radeon card, gigabit NIC, dual layer burner, 3 GHz P4, a free 19″ LCD etc.

Thank you my JBQ! 🙂

Hardware wishlist

Devices I want to have at some point, ordered by… desire:

1. A powerfull/full-featured PocketPC-based smartphone with an unlimited data service plan (something like this or this).

2. A Mac Mini or a 12″ Powerbook that’s newer than mine.

3. A new PC (I am still using WinXP on a dual 2×533 Mhz) update:done!

4. Non-electronic: An armband for my iPod Mini and a carrying case for my Canon A75 update: the case is done!.

5. A car charger and a 2200 mAh battery for my Dell x50v.

6. A car charger for my Powerbook and PC laptops.

7. Two more Bluetooth USB Class-I dongles. update:done!

8. An internal DVD-+RW drive. update: done!

9. A Zoom Bluetooth 56k modem.

10. A 4-port firewire hub.

11. A USB-2-Infrared FIR dongle.

12. An Archos PMA400 multimedia device.

13. A dock for my iPod mini.

14. Sony’s Bluetooth Memory Stick for two of our Clie (unreasonably expensive accessory).

15. A swivel 1.3 MP CF camera for my PocketPC.

16. An ethernet CF card for my PocketPC.

17. A 56k modem CF card for my PocketPC.

18. A 1 GB USB key or the ARCDisk 4GB Hard Drive USB Key.

19. Serial-2-USB adaptor for my PalmV. update:done!

20. JavoEdge’s Bluetooth keyboard for my Pocket PC. update:done!

Also, a Tungsten-C2 with dual-wireless, host/slave USB port, 128 MB RAM (usable by apps), 520 Mhz, microphone, better keyboard, HiRes/HiRes+ (with the keyboard moving on top like on the Tungsten-T2), dual SD slots and PalmOS 6.1 (this device doesn’t exist btw but I would pay up to $449 if it did :).


Watched the Oscars tonight, it was a nice show actually. All women had nice dresses and Chris Rock told nice jokes.

After that, we watched “Scary Movie 3” with JBQ. Pretty funny too.

iPod Mini

so, I received the iPod mini tonight. It is a truly great product. Really nicely done. If I had one single beef with it, that would be the earbuds: if I place their black foamy cap on them, I can’t see what’s for the left and what’s for the right ear. Other than that, it’s a really nice product (wish my model could charge via USB too though).

Got a first generation iPod Mini 4 GB

And while writing all this stuff about the iPods, I just bought an iPod Mini, first generation. For only $152. (bought it directly from Apple, more directly than an Apple Store — don’t ask, don’t tell 😉

The new iPod Photo

The new iPod Photos “feature the ability to import photos from a digital camera via the new iPod Camera Connector for instant viewing and slide show playback on iPod photo“.

What a freaking USELESS feature. That sentense right there shows nothing but PURE MARKETING. Let me explain:

What is the point of viewing pictures on your iPod Photo when sometimes the LCD on the cameras is bigger anyway and sometimes, the *viewfinder* of cameras has a higher resolution than that (Minolta’s high-eng digicams have a full VGA resolution).

Don’t get me wrong. The iPod Photo is a great STORAGE device for photos. For example, if you are on a photo trip to another country, and you need to dump your photos somewhere safe, the iPod Photo and the Epson Photo device are GREAT for that.

But please Apple, DON’T tell me that someone would want to buy an iPod Photo for PHOTO VIEWING. If someone does that just for that reason, he is an IDIOT and a slave of marketing blah-blah.

Makes more sense to even buy a Zire 32 (even with that ugly DualScan screen it has), buy a cheap 64 MB SD card, and use Photoshop Elements (that usually comes with the digicam) to resize the pics down to 160×160 and place them on the SD card. This will hold about 3,000 pictures, on a bigger screen than the iPod and with less money. The only thing that you will miss, is the large quantity of music playback and the ability to use the iPod Photo as a backup device rather than photo viewing-only. But if all you want is photo-viewing, use a Zire instead or your camera itself. No reason to get an iPod Photo.

Having said all that, the iPod Mini 4 GBs for $199 is actually a very fair price and a good buy indeed.

UPDATE: Now, this is a photo-viewing device that deserves the name and the price. It’s got a large screen to view photos, and it can also play videos. It’s more expensive than the iPod Photo, but it’s faster and it has more features.

Paris Hilton and intelligence

Paris Hilton’s phone got hacked. Bwahaha…

That woman seems to be so dumb. I just can’t stand looking at her. She reminds me of these bimbos with no brains (think of Homer Simpson but with hair and boobs).

global warming

I am so worried 🙁

Iron Maiden

I am not a particular Maiden fan (in fact I used to hate them in the ’80s for their “bring your daughter to the slaughter” song) but my husband is a huge fan and as I drove him to Star Trek, he seems to drive me over liking some of the songs of Maiden. 🙂

Of course, having Bruce Dickinson being so damn hairy and sexy, helps a lot. 😀

Tonight we watched their video clips on DVD and some of these songs were performed with that Blaze guy that Maiden had as their singer from 1994 to 1998 or so. The guy is a very good singer *technically* speaking, but he fails miserably to have an impact with his voice. He was shouting hard on his songs, but he only managed to put me to sleep.

This is one great example of a person who CAN sing without mistakes, but having not a “signature voice” can ruin it all. Thankfully, Dickinson joined the band back at the end of the ’90s.

I think that the “Flight Of Icarus” is my favorite Maiden song. They have 6-7 more good ones. The rest ones, I am not so sure it’s really my style though.

More on this….

My husband was discussing with me my latest blog entry and he noted that if you don’t have internationalized wars, you can have civil wars. That’s true, but USA didn’t have a civil war for 130 years now. If a syndicated system like this can be created for all countries under the UN power, I would be happy about it and I think that most people on other countries would feel the same.

Please note that all this stuff goes together with measures to bring the human population under 1 billion and regulate the human activities on nature.

My husband claims that you can’t do all that without becoming either a communist or a Nazi, but I believe there is always a good and democratic way to achieve all this. Why is it so utopian and out-of-this-world to ask for World Peace, No Poverty, World Unification and taking care of our planet’s plants and animals? As a woman, and as someone who hates wars and pain, I welcome such a major step in our journey of our civilization to mature.