My new Dell x50v

I am in love with my new Dell x50v PDA. We have 3 PalmOS PDAs in the house. But the x50v PocketPC is much better IMHO. It can do real VGA resolution (using a hack), it has a 16 MB 3D graphics card (!), a 624 Mhz CPU, 128 MB ROM/64 MB RAM, it plays WMVs, it is dual socket (CF, SD), dual communication (wifi, bluetooth).

My husband ordered a nice leather case for it ($32), a Belkin Infrared keyboard ($35) and a 1 GB SD card ($65). For the time being, I am using two CF cards I have around (32 MB and 64 MB) on my local WiFi network. and the new site I created for a friend,, render faboulously on both IE, NetFront and AvantGo!

Software is good too. It came with PocketOffice and I installed a few other apps myself. There are some amazing apps for PocketPC btw, like Resco’s applications (Resco’s PhotoViewer is my favorite)!

The only problem with the PDA: just 3 hours of battery even with the CPU throttled down to 206 Mhz (larger capacity battery available for $100). The 64 MBs of RAM might be a problem in the future too, not sure. Also, there is no camera, but this is to be expected as this is a business PDA and people don’t want others to secretly shot unreleased products during NDA meetings…

I was discussing with my husband yesterday that it’s amazing to pack so much power on such a small device. It seems that PocketPCs are only 5 years behind desktops in terms of speed/needs!

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