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Yay! Miguel and Nat from Novell/Ximian sent me 4 black T-Shirts today (2 for me, 2 for JBQ). One set is with Beagle, and one with Mono. My favorite one is the Beagle one, because:
1. It has a bigger logo making its presense more clear when among people.
2. It reminds me of BeOS’ Tracker dog. 🙂

Thanks Miguel, Nat! You rock!


100% objectively speaking, my husband is an extremely handsome and sexy young man. I am not writing this because I am married to him, I am trying to really be objective here. I am just lucky to be married to such a wonderful guy. 🙂

Infrared modem

Yay! My new… infrared v90 modem is here! It’s the Pegasus III infrared/serial modem for use with PDAs, TabletPCs, laptops etc. It’s small, easy to carry around when on vacations!

I will be writing a review about it soon.

Update: I wrote an article at osnews about a device that got inspired by this modem today.

Taking freedom for granted

You know, it’s weird.
We, westerners, see on TV or read in books about wars, about communism, about dictatorships, but we haven’t really FELT such situations first hand.

I was born in 1973 and dictatorship was fading away from Greece by the time I started remembering myself. So, I have never, EVER, EVER, felt limiting myself because of a law.

Until yesterday. For a very trivial thing, no less.

So, my husband’s new hobby is poker. Personally, I _hate_ lucky games and gambling. It’s a baggage that I carry from my Greek life, where people who would play lots of lucky games are considered “thugs” and unrespecteful because they would usually lose fortunes on these games and leave their families hungry.

But of course, this is not the case with us. Poker for my JBQ is simply an interesting game and not real money is involved. The law of California says that poker is ok as long as the “house” does not make any money.

So far, so good. That law seems really good.

But then, we found out that poker is _completely forbidden_ in the Virginia state. I have a real problem with this, and please note, I don’t even know how to or play poker. It’s just that I try to see Poker with an open mind, and simply see it as what it really is: a table card game.

I have a problem having a game forbidden just because *some* people are idiots and abuse poker and lose money. It’s the same thing like Greece’s LAUGHABLE law for forbidding ALL computer games, JUST BECAUSE the government officials are so illeterate that could not distinguish between lucky games and computer games.

Yes, I am coming from a country that some lucky games and maybe all computer games are forbidden. That’s not because Greece is not a democracy, it’s because some governement officials are IDIOTS and created laws that could be interpreted with a thousand ways. But I do have a real problem accepting the similar situation in one of USA’s states. I would have expected something more from the “land of freedom and opportunity”.

Countdown to global catastrophe

Climate change: report warns point of no return may be reached in 10 years, leading to droughts, agricultural failure and water shortages. The end of the world as we know it…


Bought a 1 GB SD card yesterday for only $75 USD from Dell (with tax and shipping). Then, I found a $10 SD holder (a small USB key that opens and you insert your own SD card in it and then behaves as a USB drive). Overall, a value of $85. That’s cheaper than trying to buy a real 1 GB USB key!

On the way to Palo Alto yesterday I took with me my new Dell x50v PDA. I was hitting “rescan” on the WiFi application and I found so many-many WiFi stations here in the Bay Area. Almost half of them were UNPROTECTED!

Writing for a printed magazine

So, starting this month I will be having my own column on a printed Linux magazine, selling in European countries (versions in French, Polish, German, Spanish, Czech but not in English language). I will be in charge of the Gnome column and I will be covering 1 or 2 pages each month.

Nice to see my journalistic hobby catching on. Cool stuff!

The x50v misbehaving

Ah, crap. I had to hard-reset my PDA and lose all my data, just 3 days after I received it. Apparently, one of the apps I installed was shitting all over the system, it was freezing the PDA just after wake-ups.

Stupid Windows >:(

My new Dell x50v

I am in love with my new Dell x50v PDA. We have 3 PalmOS PDAs in the house. But the x50v PocketPC is much better IMHO. It can do real VGA resolution (using a hack), it has a 16 MB 3D graphics card (!), a 624 Mhz CPU, 128 MB ROM/64 MB RAM, it plays WMVs, it is dual socket (CF, SD), dual communication (wifi, bluetooth).

My husband ordered a nice leather case for it ($32), a Belkin Infrared keyboard ($35) and a 1 GB SD card ($65). For the time being, I am using two CF cards I have around (32 MB and 64 MB) on my local WiFi network. and the new site I created for a friend,, render faboulously on both IE, NetFront and AvantGo!

Software is good too. It came with PocketOffice and I installed a few other apps myself. There are some amazing apps for PocketPC btw, like Resco’s applications (Resco’s PhotoViewer is my favorite)!

The only problem with the PDA: just 3 hours of battery even with the CPU throttled down to 206 Mhz (larger capacity battery available for $100). The 64 MBs of RAM might be a problem in the future too, not sure. Also, there is no camera, but this is to be expected as this is a business PDA and people don’t want others to secretly shot unreleased products during NDA meetings…

I was discussing with my husband yesterday that it’s amazing to pack so much power on such a small device. It seems that PocketPCs are only 5 years behind desktops in terms of speed/needs!

BBC on Global Dimming, Greenhouse Effect

The BBC reports that the amount of solar energy reaching the Earth’s surface has declined significantly between the 1950s and the 1990s, apparently due to particulate air pollution. Scientists are worried that this global dimming may be disrupting the pattern of the world’s rainfall. Most alarmingly, it may have led us to greatly underestimate the greenhouse effect: with particulate pollution being brought under control, a global temperature rise of 10 degrees Celsius by 2100 could be on the cards, rendering many parts of the world uninhabitable.

Well, when I said a few months ago that I will buy land and build a house in Greenland, many people laughed. Laugh it up fussballs! My children and grandchildren will grow up in a healthier place than yours!