Archive for November 27th, 2004

Web cam support

Bought yet another webcam. I think I have 5-6 now… I just find them cute. I don’t really use them though, as my family is on 56k modem, and I don’t have the need to videochat with anyone else…

So, spent all day to make it work with Linux. A driver ships with the default linux kernel, supposedly supports my exact model, but still no cake. I had to build xawtv, kdetv and gnomemeeting-cvs with v4l2 support in order to make the video to load, but still nothing.

After spending about 4-5 hours trying to recompile kernels, modules, associate libraries and cvs apps I finally found another driver for the same camera, but for v4l1. Thankfully, that driver worked out of the box, with all apps. Still though, that driver is very rough with no support for brightness/contrast.

It would do for now, until the other guys in the mainline kernel fix their bugs. It should take a few months, but it would eventually work with the main driver.

On the Mac side, the webcam is not supported at all, including not supported by external parties.