Archive for November 18th, 2004

memory upgrade

So, the 64 MB memory upgrade to the SONY Vaio came in today, and it works well. The 333 Mhz laptop now has 128 MB of RAM, which is the maximum it can receive.

Thing is though, even by running ArchLinux, which is a pretty lightweight distro, Gnome is just a DOG. Having the desktop loaded, a few panel-applets and Firefox, and we are back at almost no-memory-left situation again. Before the upgrade, I could not use anything else other than WindowMaker with Dillo, now with 128 MB, Gnome and Firefox fills it up.

There was a time where Linux’s full DEs could use less memory and be faster than Windows. That was around 1998/9. Today, Linux and its DEs/apps are dogs, while WindowsXP continues to run pretty well and pretty fast on lower spec machines. You see, optimizing for speed/memory-consumption is NO glorious work. No hacker wants to do that work, and so no one does it. Even companies like RedHat/SuSE only do such work only when they really have to. And the result? A slow a$$ OS. On the same machine BeOS flies. I am sure that FreeBSD (without X/Gnome) would also boot/run faster than Linux.

But thing is:
a) I don’t want FreeBSD because configuring it or supporting extra hardware is nightmerish
b) I don’t want BeOS because it’s useless
c) I don’t want WindowsXP because it costs money
d) I don’t want Windows98 because it crashes like a motherf*cker
e) I don’t want QNX or OS/2 because they are also useless.

So, I am staying with linux, even if performance sucks.