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UK fox hunt debate reaches climax

The House of Commons, which has voted repeatedly to outlaw fox hunting with dogs, was debating Thursday whether to take the rare step of forcing the ban into law over the opposition of the House of Lords — and legions of devoted hunters.

The House of Lords, their horses, their dogs, and the underaged lovers at their Masonic chambers, can kiss my ass. Hunting is a terrible thing, we have ended up with extremely few animals these days, most have been defaced.

As I said in a previous blog entry, if you need to eat a duck or a deer, go buy it at Safeway. Foxes are not even eatable!

On a different note, Kenteris & Thanou, the two drugged athletes from Greece, were found guilty –pretty much. And along with them, even doctors who lied in order to cover them from the Olympic Comittee. I say, jail them. That’ll teach them.