Archive for November 15th, 2004

Won’t buy it….

I decided to not buy the Dell desktop I wrote yesterday, because it doesn’t have an AGP slot (it has only 2-3 PCI slots, one occupied). I don’t mind at all the onboard Intel graphics cards usually as I don’t play games anymore, but usually these cards (Intel, SiS, S3) are not capable of displaying CLEARLY on 1600×1200 at 85 Hz because their ramdacs are cheap-a$$. They are usually good for up to 1280x1024x75 Hz and then they become fuzzy. Tough luck, my monitor is a 21″ SONY E540 CRT and needs a graphics card with real balls to drive it.

So, just because this desktop doesn’t have an AGP slot to put in either my Matrox or GeForce AGP cards that I have lying around, I won’t buy it…

Instead, I will be buying a new… chair for my desk and a new battery for the Vaio. These will be my Christmas presents. 🙂