Archive for November 10th, 2004

Saving an old laptop

I am trying to save my husband’s old laptop: a super-slim Vaio N505VX (3 lb). The laptop was running BeOS almost since 1999, but we usually were turning it once every 6 months the last 3 years, as no one uses BeOS in our house anymore as it doesn’t offer solutions anymore to our daily needs (it’s damn fast on this laptop though). I couldn’t find its powersupply last night, I was looking for it all night… thankfully JBQ found it this morning.

So, the laptop is fully compatible with Linux, and I am looking into putting Arch Linux in there. Problem is, the laptop only has 64 MBs in it, and Gnome/KDE require a minimum of 128 MBs these days (a shame really, so many enterprise computers are old and Linux could have a stronghold on these — but then again, good code requires time and money, something that Linux coders don’t seem to have). Linux will also be pretty slow on it (BeOS flies on it), but it should be usable…

Anyways, I will install Arch in it, will try to make it work with either WindowMaker or XFce on 64 MBs of RAM, and then buy a 64 MB upgrade, and make it 128, and then move to Gnome.

I might go back to Zeta only if the YellowTAB guys manage to offer a modern OS, and not patchwork. If nothing else works, there is always Win2000 which I am sure will be happy in this laptop just fine.